January 15-20, 1949

January 15, 1949, Saturday

Bright until near noon began to cloud and started to blow and snow late p.m. from North to Northeast and Northwest. Joe gave calves grain and fed chickens, and he and Will gave Big Herd part of Stack for the other part went to pieces. Had a flat tire so fixed it and put stack on sled to feed tomorrow, gave calves grain and got them at Shed. Elva brought Milk. Will put rest of clothes on line and got in before snow. I did usual work, ironed clothes and dried all but some I put up at night, not too dry.

January 16, 1949, Sunday

Wind from Northwest blew all night and snow moved but not much fell for moon would shine at times but was zero and around 4 above all night and same this day but sun shone and snow and wind until about 3 p.m., just some wind but no snow moved. The Men gave Big Herd a stack of hay in p.m. and Joe gave cattle in Bull-pen grain this morn and again late p.m. for could not get any hay to them. Joe brought a qt. of milk and put in refrigerator but no gas so we have to get tank that Bud used for heating now. This is our 31st Wedding Anniversary and was a blizzard for 3 days 31 years ago. We just stay at Home and got eats, played solitaire, read some and Will read also. Listened to radio and we played pitch and Rummy in eve.

January 17, 1949, Monday

Not so cold and storm has quit so Joe chored and he and Will gave calves a half stack hay east of creek in Bull-pen. There are old cows and Bulls in this pen also. They caked and gave Big Herd a stack. Elva brought milk and put some clothes on line for was a little sunshine. I did usual work, pastimes and sewed on dresses.

January 18, 1949, Tuesday

Partly cloudy but no snow fell so Men fed big herd and gave grain to those in Bull-pen. Elva brings up Milk and Cream and gets meat in basement. I did usual work and sewed on everyday dresses and cut some out and played solitaire and read.

January 19 & 20, 1949, Wednesday & Thursday

Partly cloudy and very cold. Men fed stock as usual and had to give calves another half stack of hay east of creek. I did usual work and sewed on dresses and cut out 2 more, read, listened to Pres. Harry S. Truman being out new Pres. He took Oath at White House Lawn at noon to-day, also Mr. Barkley was Vice pres. The Parade was broadcasted in p.m. Pres. Truman gave a nice inaugural address. Elva came up with milk and several times. I am ahead of the inauguration, for that was tomorrow, January 20th, Thursday, so both these days are about the same to my work and the men’s.

January 5-8, 1947

January 5, 1947, Sunday

Bright but snowed last night so ground is white and not so cold today for got to above 30. The men chored and Levi washed clothes so stayed home only while Seth got him in his car and they got Seth’s cook stove at Seth’s for Levi. Seth came last night in Clarence’s Car and stayed at Levi’s, went back to Ed’s and got his car this a.m. He froze the Radiator the cold Thursday night that he was here so put the one off of old Model A in his car this a.m. then got his cook stove for Levi. Will washed all the dishes and swept and cleaned the front room. I got meals, laid down in p.m., mended a dress to put on, cleaned front table to put on clean tablecloth.

January 6, 1947, Monday

Bright, nice day, not so cold these nights. Will got ready early and went to Valentine to get Radiator soldered, the Steering Wheel fixed and when these were finished, he started home near State line, the right hind Tire flat so Mike Longcar (sp?) came along and as spare didn’t have air either, he helped Will put it on and some air in it, then Will went back to Valentine to get spare fixed with new valve stem and the flat had a nail so he got it fixed, then came home at 9:35 p.m. Levi did the usual work, fed cattle and cleaned the barn. Harry, Louise and Mary came in a.m. and had dinner, then took home 12 roosters. I did usual work and Will and I had ice-cream after 10 p.m., retired at 11 p.m.

January 7, 1947, Tuesday

Cold last night but warm to-day and bright. I got only breakfast and Supper, for the men chored and Levi, Sparky and Levi’s brother Clifford Leighton walked up so I got to see Clifford. They all went with Will to Mission, then Will went to Rosebud Selective Service Meeting, and Clifford stayed with Sparky and his sister Leona Grablander in Mission, and she and Levi went with Tom Whiting Sr. to Rosebud in their new V8 and were back to Mission when Will got there. Will saw Mr. and Mrs. Wm Pierce Sr. and Mrs. Wm. Pierce Jr. (Phyllis) at Mission, they had been to Rosebud for Mrs. Sr. had swollen feet and hands so I guess no school for her today. I took a bath this eve and on account of cold weather has been a long time since I did.

January 8, 1947, Wednesday

Partly cloudy in forenoon but not so cold, then got warm and bright and breeze enough to dry the clothes enough to bring them in. Will put them on line, got in water, took it out and cleaned the North Porch. I washed the clothes and am I glad, had to lie down in p.m. Will worked at the hay sled on runners, putting on front sticks and braces to hold hay on and tie lines. Levi fed cattle in a.m. and in p.m. he husked 9 rows of corn on Wagner’s. I got meals, played solitaire and read.

January 5-8, 1941

January 5, 1941, Sunday

Bright but cold until towards eve clouded so Seth brought cattle that had went up valley back to shed on horseback. He gave cattle cake, did all the chores, went to Whiting Store to get mail and take up a barrel for distillate to be brought out by mail-man. He went home until chore time in eve, he shot a jack-rabbit for the chickens. Will’s neck is still sore so he never did much but read, got coal from basement and listened to radio. I cooked or fried a chicken for dinner, also Seth took one home to be fried. Will and I picked out him some clothes from Wards and I got meals, laid down in p.m. and read, played solitaire.

January 6, 1941, Monday

Was threatening to snow but Seth got hay for cattle at Northwest stacks and chored. Will’s neck is a little better so he went to Rosebud to see if beaver could be trapped along river at dams and talked to Tom Sazama and stopped at Mission A.A.A. Office, also listened to Pres. Roosevelt’s address to Congress [see FDR and the Four Freedoms Speech] at Figerts’ Print Shop, Mission. Home late p.m. I got meals, laid down in p.m., sewed on my everyday dresses. I didn’t see anyone on highway and Seth said that little traffic as he noticed. Will said that Sadie, Mrs. T. F. Whiting, had the flu and was real sick.

January 7, 1941, Tuesday

Bright but chilly. Will and Seth chored. Will’s neck better so went to Valentine after some more nails, Wilndmill rod, bentonite to put in tank at new mill on Wagner’s. He came back in p.m. and never had any dinner, he went by Ben Clausen’s but Ben not home and started down there after he got back and Ben was at beaver dam east of horse-pasture so he and Will examined beaver dams and went to store to get Ben some canned milk and syrup. Seth hauled hay and fed cattle and chored in eve, brought Martha, Carol and Norma down here just at noon.

January 8, 1941, Wednesday

Bright but cold. I got meals, laid down in p.m. and felt sick at stomach but managed to sew a little. Will and Seth chored. Seth took team and wagon, went to windmill on Moore Creek. Will got Ben in car, they went up there and loaded tank on wagon, they unloaded it at windmill on Wagner’s before noon, and afternoon Reynolds, Ranger of Forests, I guess he is assistant at Rosebud, came to look at beaver dams so they went with him down river, came back here to drink and he went home and Will, Ben, Seth leveled up the tank at windmill. Ben walked home in eve. Men chored and Seth went home for supper.

January 5-8, 1951

January 5, 1951, Friday

Bright day, not so nice after a cool night. Clarence fed cattle in Bull-pen and he and Will put tile squares on East-end closure for Tub and had to put a piece of wall wood on East side of North window about 4 ft. high first and shellac it to fill cracks. I did usual work and pastimes. Frankie came for jars and brought us milk.

January 6, 1951, Saturday

Still bright but none too nice so Men are glad most wood stacks are in yards. They worked at Bathroom walls North and Ceiling of Tub enclosure and got west wall by Closet Lavatory ready to fix but it is rough so may have to Masonite it, also above 4 ft. finished tile East side as space to window from Tub is rough also. Carl and Carol Anderson came in Elmer’s New Car to tell us that Calvin Knox of O’Kreek was to have a Military funeral tomorrow at O’Kreek so want all ex-G.I. there for Services. Frankie brought us a pan of biscuits or rolls for Supper. Usual work and pastime for me.

January 7, 1951, Sunday

Bright beautiful day and not so chilly so I washed my hair and put on curlers so thought we could go to O’Kreek to Knox Funeral but no go as am afraid I may get cold in head but Will and Clarence went in Pick Up to Wm Abbotts to vaccinate over 50 calves for them for hemorrhages. Brownie Anderson, wife and Donna Mary, Joyce Marie and Margaret Ann also Mrs. Wilhermione Anderson (Reka) and Hank and Delores Walters of Winner [were] there. Gene and Charles Jr. McCormick came to help vaccinate also. Will and Clarence came home because Clarence and Family went to Ed’s for dinner and came home before supper and Charlotte, Irene and Rena Whiting came in their car, staid here while house warmed but the oil heater exploded so their house all soot but managed to get supper and we have no meat but they have salmon and lots of other things to eat. Clarence came up to tell us about the explosion in eve. Will and I home and not much but lunch and read.

Jan. 7, 1951

January 8, 1951, Monday

Bright, nice. Clarence hauled or sledded in old Stacks of hay and Will went to Town to get V8 Coupe put through an exam, got carburetor, ignition and wheels checked and horn to work, got to Valentine about noon and not home until dark. I started to make out Income Report so not much else. Frankie brought the milk and got a chunk of Ham.

January 1-4, 1941

January 1, 1941, Wednesday

Partly cloudy and cold after a rain first then snow about 3 or 4 in. deep. I got breakfast but no eat for Seth chored then he and Will tried to get me to church at St. Therese’s Chapel Hidden Timber but we only skidded around in front of Garage, then a time to get back into garage, so we came back to house and quit. Seth finished chores, looked at his traps, took a chicken home for dinner, just as they finished, Edward and Leo came for them, they down here then to Ed’s. Will chored in eve.

January 1, 1941 diary entry

January 2, 1941, Thursday

Was bright, nice, warm for all snow began to melt. Will finished choring then got in water just about 2 p.m. he put clothes on line for he hauled water in and out and kept washing-machine going. I put an enormous washing of nearly 3 wks through. We left a boiler-full indoors. Will brought them in, in p.m., just then Mary Whiting Hudson, husband Henry (Hank), Elmer Brandon and Harriet Whiting’s husband Donald Hudson came to see if Will would buy their share of corn at Wallace Gran’s but Will no buy. They immediately left, no come in house. Seth had a lot of chores finished before breakfast and as he was waiting to eat, Martha came, she ran down from their place, for Carol pulled dresser scarf and lamp tumbled over and chimney broke and cut her cheek right side to nose and sideways above mouth, a terrible gash, so Seth and Martha took car back, they brought children here after breakfast then left for Rosebud Hospital to have wound closed. Came back towards eve and Seth said they did a good job of putting it together. They meals were all I could so for I was near not walking after I got clothes washed my left leg and foot so painful, laid down in p.m., dried the clothes near heater as they are damp.

January 3, 1941, Friday

Bright after a few clouds in morning, was very chilly and no breeze until p.m. N.W. wind. I got meals, laid down in p.m., still drying damp clothes near the heater. Will put some clothes on line but they froze stiff in a hurry. He helped Seth get one hay-rack unloaded. Seth caked cattle, gave calves and Bulls and cows in bull-pen some hay, he left hay on rack. Will fixed wind-brake and a halter, after noon they went to windmill on Moore Creek and pried tank loose so it can be brought to well on Wagner Place, and came home via Hidden Timber to get the mail and it began to snow in eve so men after choring went in car to drive cattle from Wagner Place down here at home. I baked squash pies in eve.

January 4, 1941, Saturday

Bright but real cold, 5 below at Valentine last night, our thermometer is broken so cannot tell here. Seth did all the work, took oats to milo and cake to the cattle in bull pen, went home to see how Martha is getting along with the Flu but she isn’t so bad. Carol’s face is healing. Will has a stiff neck caused from a cold so feels bum, had to stay indoors all day. I got meals, sewed on everyday red-figured dress, laid down in p.m., hemmed 8 wash-rags made out of old towels. Seth cleaned barn, gave cattle a load of hay on rack.

January 1-4, 1947

January 1, 1947, Wednesday

Partly cloudy but not so cold but no moisture fell. I got meals, played solitaire, read some, visited with Martha Whiting, for she and Leona Grablander, Levi’s sister, came from Mission to take Angie Leighton to go to Mission to stay until time to go to Hospital. They went home late eve and Maggie will go tomorrow. Will and Levi chored and gave cattle hay, also put half a stack hay on sled into the barn, they came around south of yard.

January 2, 1947, Thursday

Very cold, never got about 22 and sun shone but Northwest wind strong so cold seemed worse. Men chored and Will took Levi, Angie and Sparky to Mission. Seth got Levi’s brother Clifford at their home 8 miles north of Mission and he came out with Will and Levi and Sparky to take care of Sparky and get the meals, for Angie stayed at Seth’s until time to go to Hospital. Seth came here after supper and stayed until 10:30 p.m., he then went to Levi’s and sometime in night went to Ed Whiting’s to stay for night.

January 3, 1947, Friday

Got to 18 below but sun shone in day and never got about 9, but men chored and gave cattle hay off of the sled. Will feels bad so stayed indoors in p.m. and Levi cleaned barn. I got meals, usual routine of doing things.

January 4, 1947, Saturday

Got to 20 below in night. Sun shone and quite strong wind but men fed cattle and chored and got the mail in p.m., and Levi and Sparky of at Kleins to get their groceries while Will got ours at Hidden Timber. They saw Seth and Clarence and they said that Angie went to Hospital last night. I got meals, laid down in p.m., played solitaire and watched Chaunceys with their tractor looking for hay sled on rubber, they got it N.W. of house, took to sled Furrey hay to their place.

January 1-4, 1937

January 1, 1937, Friday

Was snowing when we got up at 8 a.m. and continued from the Northeast and some wind and cold. The men chored and went to the store, but Tom, Sadie, Bud and Stanley have the Flu and Lemoyne is home with Flu so Will, Seth and Thomas went to N.E. hills but found only a few cattle so started them home and tracked the main-herd to east of old Ben Fitch Place so brought them all in at 4 p.m. so we ate dinner just before dark. I baked mince-pies, roasted a chicken and pop-corn in eve and gave some with cream and sugar. Wm Colombe and son came to see Will.

January 2, 1937, Saturday

Partly cloudy and cold. After choring, Seth got hay from the stack on meadow north of barn and gave it to cattle, and Will and Thomas went in car to N.E. Hills and found the rest of our cows but had to bring some of McKee’s along. I got meals and churned butter but it was so cold and the dasher was loose so I had to churn but got it done before dark. I read some and played solitaire and the men read quite a lot.

January 3, 1937, Sunday

Sun shone but was hazy at times and very cold, a southwest wind but changed to S.E. I got meals, that is made a kettle of chili and bread-pudding. Ben Clausen came and we ate dinner, for Thomas and Seth walked to the Store before dinner and came back at chore-time in eve. Will visited with Ben, for the boys gave cattle hay before they left so only chores. Joe Elliott went by just before dark on horseback, going east to Bolin’s on Wrights.

January 4, 1937, Monday

Cloudy, cold and Northwest wind brought quite a few thistles and some snow for awhile and changed to N.E. in eve. After choring, Will left for Winner and was back at supper-time and he got check from F. Rohn pasture-bill to Jan. 1st, 1937 on his horses. Seth and Thomas hauled 3 loads of hay each from Hubert Moore land and they chored in eve. I got meals, put a patch on Will’s trousers that he has been trying to keep sewed since he tore shoeing the horses. I read a story also.

July 19-25, 1956

July 19, 1956, Thursday

Real chilly last night. I had to shut doors and sun shone with a few scattered clouds but chilly, 68 above around 10 a.m. Will looked at cow, and no calf. Fed chickens and got corn for them. He took out a tub of junk as went to put oil sacks on fly chains where cattle rub. David, Bill, Leslie and Dave went to field and took out a Tank of Gas gotten at Stand here. It is on wagon. Will put clothes out late p.m. but they dried and folded them this a.m. Ray Reynolds and 12 yr. old son of Rosebud Range Division came to count our cattle and met Will coming in from pasture.

July 20, 1956, Friday

Bright day and not so hot. Men have another man to help, got at O’Kreek last eve, Valentino Z., who is staying with his father-in-law, has 8 years in Air Force and going back this fall from Yankton, S.D. He and Bill Parker are mowing hay on Medicine Eagle. David Whiting, stacker driver, got cut at elbow joint by Bill Parker with sickle, and Leslie Johnson took him home this p.m. as ladies were showing at Thomas’s. Thomas had to go to Dr. at Winner with a sore on his left arm somewhere near wrist and he went to Rosebud to pay lease, came home, had to take him to Winner for shots, he is better now but not doing much. The shower for Joan Whiting, Dick’s wife since June 29 at St. Francis. Louise and Mary came from shower. Will, Jack, Cherrie and Mary in our car to Pierce Dam going out to road and Louise and I in her car. We came back and Cherrie was asleep, jack hungry so ate peach and apple. We left Cherrie in car asleep and Will in pick up, got in milk cows. I am better this eve.

July 21, 1956, Saturday

Will’s 63rd Birthday. Bright day so men stacked on Medicine Eagle and finished Boyer stacking, around 30 stacks now. Horses came in make to dogs bark and we got up a lot. Will was going out to pasture but did not go as he cleaned front room and east half of my bed room. He cleaned radiators on pick up and our car then rested. I picked up some things but not much and my feet bother.

July 22, 1956, Sunday

Bright, nice day so I baked cup-cakes that were not very large on account of not enough dough but chocolate frosting O.K. and I fried a chicken for lunch and had gravy for supper, also macaroni and beef, lettuce and sauce. Jerry, Billie, Annita and Mrs. Bob Brinda, 2 yr. old daughter, 20 mo. old son went in Brindas’ car somewhere. Leslie in his car to Antelope Ranch to fish and Brindas to eat fried chicken, tea, cupcakes.

July 23, 1956, Monday

Bright, hot day. Jeanne came and she and I ran hot water in tub to wash but she passed out. Will tried to get her to bed but she fell in doorway, finally got to bed. I put cold clothes on her head, gave her apricot juice and water and coffee. Will and Jack got Athel and Jimmie, and Athel washed Jeanne’s clothes, hung them out and brought them in, washed our dishes. Jeanne and I got pie made and dinner cooked. Athel helped a lot and all rested some, here and there and everywhere, Cherrie and I on bed. Will fixed oil cattle rubs with sacks and after dinner Leslie and Dave with Will took Stranger to Big Pasture to get cow to sew up as wethers out. Our eats were gravy, potato salad of lettuce, pickles, tomatoes and French dressing, macaroni and beef, string beans, carrots and potatoes fixes with frankfurters, apple, blackberry and blueberry pies. My feet hurt so I kept off them. Men took calves, 9 mothers and a cow to calf to spray pen. Ear marked and vaccinated for blackleg at Big Pasture. Doris came with David, Bobbie, Patsy and Danny and all had pie and ice cream.

July 24, 1956, Tuesday

My birthday, born 1881. Bright, nice day. I did usual work and played solitaire and read. Will took 2 yr. old heifer to Winner Ice Plant to get butchered and cooked and wrapped (processing, they call it) and he can get it Saturday, July 28. He came home before noon and is all in so slept some. Parkers here this day at times and men worked at hay that Valentino and Bill Parker mowed. David and Leslie and Dave stacked on sub marginal northwest part of My Creek Land.

July 25, 1956, Wednesday

Rained some last night but not much at haying on sub marginal & Katz & Dorian. Dave, Jeanne, Bill & Jack & Cherry to Winner. Jeanne & Cherrie went to Doctor Hayes for Jeanne’s polio shot. Bill got driver’s license, Dave repairs and Jeanne groceries and home in eve. Leslie and Valentino mowed until 5 p.m., Leslie rushed him to Winner to get finger that he cut off in sickle dressed, jus the point on right hand index finger and home at 7 p.m.

July 19-25, 1945

July 19, 1946, Friday

Was very chilly last night and indoors this a.m. but warm outside as sun shone bright but none too warm, for Will and I went to Valentine this late p.m., left at 4:30 after Will took the top of hydraulic lift off as he went to mow north of barn on hill and it wouldn’t work, but at Valentine the Chicoine Tractor and Imp. Co. said that trouble must be part on tractor, so they will come out to see tomorrow. We got groceries and corn for chickens, ate supper at Bob’s Cafe, got ice-cream and came home this morning and said that the bull was hurt so Delores brought it this p.m. We drank lemonade, she went home, we to town.

July 20, 1946, Saturday

Bright, warm after a cool night and cool again this eve. I got meals, laid down awhile after I got dinner for Will and mechanic who came from Chicoine Imp. Co. Valentine. he has a crippled hand but fixed the hydraulic lift on tractor so Will went out to mow after he put some touches on mowing outfit, he is mowing N.W. of barn and came in late. I laid down in p.m., also I put things away so Will helped to hang curtains in front room and bedroom this morning. My feet pain so much I can scarcely walk.

July 21, 1946, Sunday

This is Will’s birthday. After cool night was very hot in p.m. and cool in eve but not enough wind to pump water for cattle on Moore Creek in Big Pasture so cattle have no water. We got up late and I still can scarcely walk but got breakfast and supper, we never ate much at noon. Had a lunch at Furreys after the ball-game between Lone Hill (Sazama) and Kriz teams. Kriz won but Kriz and Snethen had an argument with Tom Sr., Bud and Tom Sazama about a play Bud made but hurrah Sazama. We took salt to cattle but they had plenty at mill near Strids, we went through north of Pierce’s and came back that way to see but no water on Moore Creek. We stopped at Pierce’s to tell Mr. that he could use tank here.

July 22, 1946, Monday

Was 54 above this morning so cool indoors but sun shone and enough breeze from S.E. to pump water. Will takes lunch after choring and breakfast to mow around Stony Hill east of Lundermans and walked in this eve so can scarcely do any more. I ate lunch and got supper this eve, fried a broken wing chicken. I feed chickens in eve as Will is usually late.

July 23, 1946, Tuesday

Bright, still day so no water pumping at mills in Big Pasture. Will and I went out in car and drove cattle to South Mill this p.m. so I am sure water is low. Will is mowing on Lundermans at Big Hill but had to get cattle to water. I got meals, for Will fixed some repairing at hay tools.

July 24, 1946, Wednesday

Rained a little last night and cloudy early but bright, warm day. I got breakfast and supper, for Will and I went to mower as he thought it leaked oil but it did not. We went to Winner, saw Ernest Buettner at Hallock Field and they will get our cattle to market Saturday, then on to Winner. The hog wasn’t cut and in locker yet but we got a shoulder, some ice, beef roast and groceries, my fixed shoes and home to eat ice-cream then Will went out to mow at Big Hill on Lundermans. I started to fry the pork, got supper for I am all in although it is my birthday, was a miserable day.

July 25, 1946, Thursday

Bright day and warm but east breeze and ice kept meat cool while I finished working it. I made a patch of Jello, put on ice and it spilt in tub so next one I watched until set, got 2 meals and laid down in p.m. Will chored and took lunch and mowed at Big Hill on Lundermans and went to Thomas Whiting’s Jr. to see if he would mow tomorrow and he will so that is that.

July 19-25, 1936

July 19, 1936, Sunday

A Southwest breeze until in p.m. wind changed to North and a sprinkle of rain then it changed to S.W. again. I got meals, laid down in p.m., then Will and I ate a lunch, took water and went to a fire east of Crazy Hole, where it burnt to Nelson Bros. Ranch and this fire is in his pasture. There was a large crowd there. The fire burnt hay land for west Tripp Co. Farmers. Seth, Thomas & LeMoyne came in late from Hidden Timber dance, went to Air Show at Winner to-day.

July 20, 1936, Monday

North breeze cool. Some small clouds but warm in p.m. outside. LeMoyne rode Joe, the Badland Bronco, and he ran with him, bucked, ran into wind-mill, then got away so he got a horse at Pierce’s and drove him home with saddle and bridle on and caught him, he rode Cody back to fence near Pierce’s where Thomas is fixing it and had no lunch, so LeMoyne took something to eat. Mr. Chauncey, after getting Elmer and Roy located and mowing and raking the Quigley land, came and took an old sow and 5 pigs to Winner to sell them for us. Will went along to get sweep repairs, also windmill repair and they all got in at same time and saw a fire west of Ray Carr’s so got water and left in mr. Chauncey’s Pick Up but fire was out so came back and Saddle horse was south of river so Thomas and LeMoyne got it, went out in our car. Mr. Chauncey went to get Roy and Elmer but they had gone home from mowing for they broke a piece of one of the mowers, he ate supper, went home. I got 2 meals, sewed on a dress I cut out last summer.

July 21, 1936, Tuesday

After cool morning was a hot day and so dry. I got breakfast and washed separator then Will finished the dishes and I got ready and we left for Wallace Weidners to see if he would plow fire guards but he was not home, then to O’Kreek, where I got spark-plugs cleaned, to Rosebud, had dinner at Jones Cafe, to Hospital. Dr. Jones not home, to Council Meeting, back to Mission, home. Thomas worked at sweep-teeth, oiling and putting bolts in them. LeMoyne rode on horses in p.m. and cattle in a.m. and he got dinner. Ben Clausen walked here in morning and was all in, so we went to Bill Smith’s and told him to go to Ben’s to help him, and LeMoyne said on our return that he went over right away. There were men from North of Presho looking for summer-pasture and hay for winter here this p.m., also Fritz Van Epps came for ice to make cream, for Mr. Lattimore sold his milk cows to a man east of Wood and Stanley Whiting will deliver them.

July 22, 1936, Wednesday

Yesterday was Will’s birthday and I gave him some taps after he went to bed and he was too tired so only scolded me. Thomas plowed fire-guards around Big Stack on McDonald land and a half mile along the went side. Will fixed his lunch as I started breakfast and was too all in so Will finished it and washed the dishes and worked and painted the sweep-teeth. I got dinner and supper but laid down in p.m. LeMoyne went around cattle and horses.

July 23, 1936, Thursday

Yesterday was hot also to-day real hot. I baked bread and got meals and washed the sheets and dress-shirt and they dried in a hurry. Will got water in and he and Thomas took them down to Chaunceys and Will got LeMoyne and after we went to Chauncey hay-camp. LeMoyne went around stock in a.m., fixed wind mill by going in car.

July 24, 1936, Friday

Another bright hot day, wind from S.W. changed to North in p.m. and was hot. LeMoyne got some water and I finished the washing, hung them out and brought them in. I also got meals but LeMoyne and I alone for dinner and supper. Will got Ivan Lattimore, and Thomas stayed at Chauncey’s last night so with Elmer’s and Mr. Joe Hoon’s help they put up 2 big stacks and 1 small one and Will and Ivan came home for the night. LeMoyne cared for stock and took a bull to river-pasture that got out. Mr. & Mrs. Lewis Lattimore, Melvin and Glen came for awhile in the eve. This is my birthday and I felt pretty good.

July 25, 1936, Saturday

Another hot day, breeze from South west and North. I got meals and mopped floors and ironed 9 shirts. LeMoyne went around stock and chored, for Thomas, Will and Ivan Lattimore are at Chaunceys stacking 3 stacks of wheat with Joe Hoon’s and Elmer Chauncey’s help. Roy Chauncey and Neil came in p.m. for stacker teeth and I froze a little ice-cream so they and LeMoyne ate a dish in p.m. Mr. B. J. Wagner and 2 men from north of Presho, S. Dak. came in p.m. to buy feed and also rent our place so I sent them to Chaunceys but nothing doing so men went and B. J. came to store with Will. We took T. and L. to H. T. dance in eve.