in Misc. Diary Entry

Thanksgiving 1955: Everybody is somewhere

Thursday, November 24th, 1955

Bright day, but cold outside. I made Salad and no one [would] eat it, was Lime Jello, White Seedless Grapes and Apples. Scalloped Corn, no care for it either but Furreys came with Roast Turkey, Oyster Dressing, Mashed Potatoes. We fixed Pickle, Cranberries, Cream Pumpkin Pie, Parker house Rolls, Butter, Bread, Coffee and Tea, Water. Lunch was Coffee, Pumpkin Pie and Cookies. Men went in our car to Hills and around here, got a few Rabbits. All helped with getting dinner on, Mary, Dorothy, Myself and Louise. Harry, Will, Harley and Billie played Pitch. Louise & Mary washed dishes and Dorothy and I slept. They went home [at] 4:30 p.m. Janis’s went to O’Kreek for dinner at her mother’s and [were] home after dark. Will put [out] cow with calf and Arkie had a Bull calf to-day. Spot is [the] one we milk and Bell the Holstein man calf this winter. Vere turned out from calf. Everybody is somewhere. Athel and Doris and Jim with Mrs. Carmen Harp, and Jack, Chuck, Betty and Sis with them to Guy Harp’s, Ainsworth, Nebr. Thomas, David, Jim and Carm stayed home.

Thanksgiving 1955