in Misc. Diary Entry

January 23-31, 1937

January 23, 1937, Saturday

Bright but cold. I dried clothes or part of those I washed Tuesday on the rack near heater, got meals, mended and ironed a few pieces, baked 2 mince-pies and played solitaire. Thomas got hay on Ferron land for the cattle and chored in eve, for Will came in just at dark to help him, for Seth walked home with Edward Whiting Jr., and Evard Roubideaux who walked to the store. Seth had a sore throat this p.m. is reason for going home. Will said there were a lot of men at store to trade to-day. They put 2 more layers of ice in Tom’s ice-house. I took a bath this p.m. and it helped my feet a lot.

January 24, 1937, Sunday

Was bright or partly bright and warm until toward noon a real blizzard continued for a few hours and cold N.W. wind. I got meals and read part of Arizona Bill, played solitaire and after supper Will and I played Casino and Thomas made an order for some music. He got 2 big loads of hay on Ferron land and came home in the blizzard. Will helped him unload. Will chored and was to get wood but only an armful. Blizzard quit late p.m.

January 25, 1937, Monday

Sun shone bright but was cold until in p.m. south-sides thawed some. Will chored, cut out the ice in water-hole and hung out some clothes. Seth came on Cody, has a sore throat but got in wash-water and cleaned ice-hole. Thomas got 2 loads hay on Ferron Land, fixed his hay-rack. After washing clothes, 2 mopped floors, got meals.

January 26, 1937, Tuesday

Sun shone and was warm enough that thawed the snow for one could see damp ground even away from south-sides. Seth and Will went to Tom’s and Lemoyne and Stanley, got a load of straw here on truck so they finished the 3rd Layer of ice in Tom’s ice-house and came home in eve. I got meals, played solitaire, baked pumpkin-pies, a cake and cooked prune-sauce and was all in, also swept the boys’ room up-stairs. Thomas gave the cattle hay from water-hole, put a load of straw at our ice-house. Lew McKee came to see how many of his cattle here. No mail-man to Hidden Timber yet since the storm.

January 27, 1937, Wednesday

Strong N.W. wind, cold and a little snow fell at mid-day, was a S.E. wind last eve. Thomas went for hay and the racks skidded on icy-roads in wind so he came back, gave cattle hay from big stack at home. Seth cleaned ice-house, found 43 small snakes so put them to freeze. The men in p.m .cleaned barn. I got meals, dressed a turkey and baked bread.

January 28, 1937, Thursday

Sun shone but was cold. I got meals and dried some clothes, played solitaire. Lemoyne, Stanley, Bud and Set Whiting and Will put ice in our ice-house. Thomas got hay from Ferron Land. Ben came at noon from the store, gave us grapefruit and 2 cans beef from relief.

January 29, 1937, Friday

Not so bright to-day and was cold. I got meals, dried clothes by heater, played solitaire, visited with Nell Larmer as she walked to store from Ed’s yesterday and came with men on the last load of ice for they put more loads in ice-house to-day but Bud never helped and Will and Seth up to dam to cut ice in p.m. Thomas got 2 loads of hay on Ferron Land for the stack to-day.

January 30, 1937, Saturday

Bright but cold. Thomas got 2 loads hay on Ferron Land and chored, for Will and Seth and Lemoyne and Stanley got 2 thick layers and 1 thin one in house and finished this eve but to pack last layer. I got meals, played solitaire. Will had tooth-ache last night so we are all in to-day for he had to get up to doctor.

January 31, 1937, Sunday

Bright, nice but cold. I got meals, played solitaire and started to read a story. Will, after helping boys chore, shaved and slept a long time. Thomas and Seth went horseback to the store and were back at supper-time. There were 4 boys hunting through Lattimore’s field.