in Misc. Diary Entry

January 19-22, 1937

January 19, 1937, Tuesday

Was cloudy and middle a.m. started to snow from the Southeast and continued all day. This is Madge Whiting’s 19th Birthday, for she was born 3 days after we were married 19 years ago. Will got in water and I washed the clothes and put in tub to dry later and hung some up in our room and clothes-dryer for our bed it still in the front-room. I got meals, read some of Arizona Bill’s tales of Wild West years ago. Thomas got 2 loads hay, also gave cattle 1 load of alfalfa. Seth came horseback and stayed to help ice.

January 20, 1937, Wednesday

We got up at 8 a.m. to a blizzard from the Northwest, sun peeped out at 11 a.m. and at times in afternoon but the snow moved until bed-time, was moonlight and we could see down the river but was cold all the time. The men just chored, gave the calves 1 sack of cake but couldn’t get any hay to them and threw hay off the big stack to cows behind the wind brake and got in early eve. I got meals, made the sleeves shorter and collar smaller on a work shirt of Will’s, popped corn and made fudge and we played rummy after supper.

January 21, 1937, Thursday

Sun shone to-day but was cold but no wind so the men gave cattle hay and alfalfa and Will saw that the stock got water. Thomas drove Grans’ cattle to Wagner place as they went to N.W. Tuesday, when a S.E. snow but three were gone. Will went to the store horse-back in p.m. to see if Tom’s will get up ice to-morrow. I got meals, played solitaire and had queer pains in my head so laid down late p.m.

January 22, 1937, Friday

Bright day. Thomas got hay from meadow and gave [to] cattle. After choring, Will and Seth went in dump-cart to the store to help Tom put up ice. Ben came in p.m. for awhile. Bolin boys went by in a wagon to store. I got meals, baked bread, played solitaire, had a headache so wrote in diary and doped for headache. Will and Seth came back just before dark and got 1 layer except 1 cake of ice in Tom’s ice-house.