in Misc. Diary Entry

January 18-20, 1953

January 18, 1953, Sunday

Bright, nice until in middle p.m. began to cloud and snowing about 4 p.m., continued in eve. Men gave cattle hay and Will didn’t do much indoor work, but we played Canasta in p.m. and eve. Dan went to River Pasture in our Pick Up and drove all the cattle back to near home and east from here to River Pasture, so cattle came to corral and South Trees south of House and under Hill where men put 3 stacks of Old Hay from Strids sometime lately. I washed some dishes but not much cleaning as I don’t feel good. Men use electric pump to give cattle water.

January 19, 1953, Monday

Some snow until late p.m. then sun shone a little. Calvin is able to be up from his bronchial touch of pneumonia latter part of last week at Sandhills General Hospital, Valentine. Will says he plays with his toys and steps around fairly well, for he couldn’t walk Saturday when they brought him home. Men gave cattle feed and went to Whiting Store to mail letters and get mail. Dan works at a Rack he is making for his Pick Up box. Will had to rest a while and lay down so I am making a quilt top and cut blocks while he rested awhile late p.m. I played a little solitaire and got eats.

January 20, 1953, Tuesday

A few clouds but some Sunshine. Men gave cattle hay in a.m. I listened to Inaugural of Pres. Eisenhower and Truman (Harry) going out at Noon, I guess 11:30 our time. Vice-Pres. Richard Nixon of California took Barkley’s place. Mr. and Mrs. Truman, Harry, Bess and daughter Margaret left Washington in Private Car of Pres. but just ordinary citizens for their home at Independence, Missouri. Ex. Pres. Truman was [to] give farewell as Train left Washington. I guess the Cheers they gave made Mr. Truman sad at Heart, one [day] he [will not] forget if he lived to be a hundred years, which he was going to be. His Office will be at Kansas City. I don’t know if Mo. or Kansas. I like the 2 small Rugs in Back Porch of varied stripes while I write in diary. I rest to admire these rugs.

Truman’s Farewell Address
Eisenhower’s Inauguration