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January 15-20, 1949

January 15, 1949, Saturday

Bright until near noon began to cloud and started to blow and snow late p.m. from North to Northeast and Northwest. Joe gave calves grain and fed chickens, and he and Will gave Big Herd part of Stack for the other part went to pieces. Had a flat tire so fixed it and put stack on sled to feed tomorrow, gave calves grain and got them at Shed. Elva brought Milk. Will put rest of clothes on line and got in before snow. I did usual work, ironed clothes and dried all but some I put up at night, not too dry.

January 16, 1949, Sunday

Wind from Northwest blew all night and snow moved but not much fell for moon would shine at times but was zero and around 4 above all night and same this day but sun shone and snow and wind until about 3 p.m., just some wind but no snow moved. The Men gave Big Herd a stack of hay in p.m. and Joe gave cattle in Bull-pen grain this morn and again late p.m. for could not get any hay to them. Joe brought a qt. of milk and put in refrigerator but no gas so we have to get tank that Bud used for heating now. This is our 31st Wedding Anniversary and was a blizzard for 3 days 31 years ago. We just stay at Home and got eats, played solitaire, read some and Will read also. Listened to radio and we played pitch and Rummy in eve.

January 17, 1949, Monday

Not so cold and storm has quit so Joe chored and he and Will gave calves a half stack hay east of creek in Bull-pen. There are old cows and Bulls in this pen also. They caked and gave Big Herd a stack. Elva brought milk and put some clothes on line for was a little sunshine. I did usual work, pastimes and sewed on dresses.

January 18, 1949, Tuesday

Partly cloudy but no snow fell so Men fed big herd and gave grain to those in Bull-pen. Elva brings up Milk and Cream and gets meat in basement. I did usual work and sewed on everyday dresses and cut some out and played solitaire and read.

January 19 & 20, 1949, Wednesday & Thursday

Partly cloudy and very cold. Men fed stock as usual and had to give calves another half stack of hay east of creek. I did usual work and sewed on dresses and cut out 2 more, read, listened to Pres. Harry S. Truman being out new Pres. He took Oath at White House Lawn at noon to-day, also Mr. Barkley was Vice pres. The Parade was broadcasted in p.m. Pres. Truman gave a nice inaugural address. Elva came up with milk and several times. I am ahead of the inauguration, for that was tomorrow, January 20th, Thursday, so both these days are about the same to my work and the men’s.

  1. lisa,
    The Joe Aunt Hattie mentions was Joe Lolley who was janitor at Todd County when you went there. The last I heard he was in
    senior living in Edgemont. Dad

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