in Misc. Diary Entry

January 5-8, 1947

January 5, 1947, Sunday

Bright but snowed last night so ground is white and not so cold today for got to above 30. The men chored and Levi washed clothes so stayed home only while Seth got him in his car and they got Seth’s cook stove at Seth’s for Levi. Seth came last night in Clarence’s Car and stayed at Levi’s, went back to Ed’s and got his car this a.m. He froze the Radiator the cold Thursday night that he was here so put the one off of old Model A in his car this a.m. then got his cook stove for Levi. Will washed all the dishes and swept and cleaned the front room. I got meals, laid down in p.m., mended a dress to put on, cleaned front table to put on clean tablecloth.

January 6, 1947, Monday

Bright, nice day, not so cold these nights. Will got ready early and went to Valentine to get Radiator soldered, the Steering Wheel fixed and when these were finished, he started home near State line, the right hind Tire flat so Mike Longcar (sp?) came along and as spare didn’t have air either, he helped Will put it on and some air in it, then Will went back to Valentine to get spare fixed with new valve stem and the flat had a nail so he got it fixed, then came home at 9:35 p.m. Levi did the usual work, fed cattle and cleaned the barn. Harry, Louise and Mary came in a.m. and had dinner, then took home 12 roosters. I did usual work and Will and I had ice-cream after 10 p.m., retired at 11 p.m.

January 7, 1947, Tuesday

Cold last night but warm to-day and bright. I got only breakfast and Supper, for the men chored and Levi, Sparky and Levi’s brother Clifford Leighton walked up so I got to see Clifford. They all went with Will to Mission, then Will went to Rosebud Selective Service Meeting, and Clifford stayed with Sparky and his sister Leona Grablander in Mission, and she and Levi went with Tom Whiting Sr. to Rosebud in their new V8 and were back to Mission when Will got there. Will saw Mr. and Mrs. Wm Pierce Sr. and Mrs. Wm. Pierce Jr. (Phyllis) at Mission, they had been to Rosebud for Mrs. Sr. had swollen feet and hands so I guess no school for her today. I took a bath this eve and on account of cold weather has been a long time since I did.

January 8, 1947, Wednesday

Partly cloudy in forenoon but not so cold, then got warm and bright and breeze enough to dry the clothes enough to bring them in. Will put them on line, got in water, took it out and cleaned the North Porch. I washed the clothes and am I glad, had to lie down in p.m. Will worked at the hay sled on runners, putting on front sticks and braces to hold hay on and tie lines. Levi fed cattle in a.m. and in p.m. he husked 9 rows of corn on Wagner’s. I got meals, played solitaire and read.