in Misc. Diary Entry

May 16, 1934

1934 May 16th Wednesday

Bright, nice but a S.W. breeze not dusty, then in p.m. was still and hot, temperature was 90 in shade. I got up late after breakfast but my plate was still waiting so I ate and put buttons and snaps on my striped dress, slept in p.m. as it was so hot I and Joe just read and looked at catalogues and I played solitaire and tried to walk. Josephine did the work and ironed the washing in a.m. Elmer went to River Pasture and killed the cow that had cancer of eye and hauled 2 loads of sand to the wind-mill east of Sundquists and helped Paul and Will raise the mill in p.m., for Will got Paul at Ross’s this morning to help fix the mix and tank. Henry Smith’s 2 sons brought their cattle to pasture to-day, also Gus Littau and Brother came to see if Will would take their [cattle] in to pasture but no room. Thomas Whiting went to River Pasture to look for a heifer. I sent Sadie a letter and told her about Legion Bowery to be put at Elshires.