in Misc. Diary Entry

May 15, 1934

1934 May 15th Tuesday

Bright, warm and some wind in a.m. but didn’t last long and was a nice evening. Josephine did all the work and washed the clothes and they dried nicely. After choring Will and I went to Wm Chauncey’s where we got a part of the wind-mill fixed so never went to Valentine, then we stopped at Ross’s, got Gas and Oil, on to Hidden Timber, and stopped at Gehlsen and Armbruster where Ralph braized the part of the wind-mill that Chauncey fixed and we went on to Jay H. Tate’s where we had dinner. Thomas came to Tate’s and wanted to know when we were coming home so we started right back and Pat Karnes was here so he and Will went to the wind-mill and fixed the part broken and Thomas brought a mare and he and Will went to take Chauncey’s tools home and John Wisenberger came and left a team of horses and after supper Elmer and will took him home. Ben Clausen broke his lister so came to get parts this a.m. from our old lister. Jake Wisenberger came this a.m. and brought a team of horses that belong to Joe Matoushek of S.W. Jordan, Tripp Co. Mr. Elmer Reinohl, children and another man inquired for Will. I slept in p.m. and read the mail.

  1. thanks for the interesting info about my husband eds uncle elmer

    • Kathy, you are welcome! I knew Elmer and Mary only when they were older, so it is a treat to read about their younger selves (and even their courtship).

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