in Misc. Diary Entry

May 14, 1934

1934 May 14th Monday

After chilly morning, bright, nice day. Elmer and Will chored and went to fix the wind-mill and broke a rod so they came back and Will is all in with pains in his back so Elmer finished work after supper. Joe and I were alone and had a nice little dinner. I sewed a little on will’s underwear and got short on patching so slept in p.m. and Josephine just laid down and Henry, Louise, Harley, Dorthy Mae and Fred came and spent the p.m. Dorthy can’t stand on her burnt feet yet. Donald Pitt brought a mare here to breed, also Thomas Whiting and they both had to go to wind-mill to see Will, also Mike (Arthur) Brewer came to see if Will would take their cattle to pasture but no do. Josephine did the work to-day.