in Misc. Diary Entry

May 13, 1934

1934 May 13th Sunday

Was a bright, nice day but chilly enough for a fire in stove. After choring and Joe got breakfast, Will and Elmer took Josephine and I to church and they went on to Claude Allen’s to see about pasture bill and only got half, then back to store and Elmer, Will and I came home and Billie Chauncey came horse-back, staid for dinner, on to Whiting Store for mail and home via Elshire Ball-diamond. Elmer went to Whiting Ball-diamond and home, back to chore in eve. Will went to Paramelee with Tom Whiting and Dr. Smith and they saw Mr. Edward Elliott McKean about getting Dr. Smith on Relief Management. Thomas came for Will n Big truck and brought him back and they also went in truck to Paramelee. I got dinner and washed separator and dishes in p.m. Josephine went home for the day.