in Misc. Diary Entry

May 11, 1934

1934 May 11th Friday

Another N.W. dust-storm after a nice morning. After choring, will helped Elmer get started on Alabama to go around pasture and he came back late for dinner and in p.m. he cleaned Mike’s stall and took some manure away from the house and chored in eve alone, for Will rode Tennessee to Wm Chauncey’s and got their pick-up and went to Ed Rezac’s, Winner, Witten where he got Elmer’s Car at Garage and home via Carl Anderson’s. I helped a little with cooking and started to write the list of cattle to pasture in Will’s book, got a sick-head so slept in p.m. and not much else until bed-time. I took an aspirin, went to bed. Josephine ironed the washing and mopped upstairs and kitchen and swept front-room and our bed-room, got supper. Stanley came this p.m. to look for a heifer but no find. Jake Wisenberger, J. brought mares to breed.