in Misc. Diary Entry

May 10, 1934

1934 May 10th Thursday

Cool morning, bright, nice except at times wind blew quite hard from N.W., was warmer in p.m. and a beautiful evening. Josephine did all the work except I helped some at supper-time. I washed the dirty meat sacks, wrote Mr. Allen a letter to First National Bank Valentine and slept in p.m. Mr. Allen came and got Will and they checked his cattle then he brought Will back and took him to the wind-mill, for Elmer got Noble Moore and they all took down the wind-mill in hills and brought the tower back home in eve and Noble walked home from New well east of Sundquist and he also walked to the mill in hills. Josephine had an enormous washing but finished it all p.m. late and everything dried but heavy pieces. Orville Hepburn took George Pierce to Whiting Store so he could catch a ride to Valentine on Mail and look for work, so Orville came back here for dinner yesterday and Mr. Lattimore came horse-back this a.m. to tell Will he could get a wire to fix fence at his place. Ben Clausen brought our disc home and also had Will sign the Seed loan papers as he is bondsman on Hamich (?) At The Straight land. Stanley Whiting came in p.m. to look for cattle and again in eve with Bud to give us picnic invitation for Whiting school. Joe Matoushek, S.E. Carter, came for Brahma eggs and Jake Wisenberger Sr. came with him to look for his horses but no find and no eggs here so they went back home. Lemoyne Whiting brought Hugh Smith cattle here late p.m. and staid all night.