in Misc. Diary Entry

May 4, 1934

1934 May 4th Friday

Chilly, cloudy until in p.m., sun shone and was warmer. Charles Pierce got a load [of] hay at corral for the work & saddle horses of Wm Pierce this forenoon, just as Elmer and Will were leaving with Ed Haisch cattle to the big pasture for Ed and Elmer got them in first to count and take blob off one and dehorn one and ear mark 3 calves, then Ed went home horse-back to Milboro, S.D. and Elmer and also took Rezac cattle from Aug. Hampl land to wind-mill on Moore Creek and came home late p.m. for dinner, so after Will got tobacco at store and Elmer put our cattle in river pasture, they chored and we had cocoa and tomato-soup for supper. Pat Karnes brought 12 head cattle, 1 cow and 11 yearling steers and heifers. I managed to get meals with Will’s help.