in Misc. Diary Entry

May 2, 1934: Aye and evermore

1934 May 2nd Wednesday

Bright until towards eve some cloud and thundered in p.m., lightening in eve, but only a sprinkle of rain. Elmer took the team to well on Moore Creek and after Will went to the stock he went horse-back there and they graded around the tank, took lunch for noon and Mr. Lattimore came in a.m., so he and Will ate doughnuts and drank coffee. Mr. Lattimore came to see if Will would take his cattle out of Platte Valley Land pasture as he leased it this summer. The 4 younger children of Lattimores have the measles, also Wheelers’ children. Maggie Gehlsen helped Henry Sells bring his cattle to the pasture near Clarence Sells and she came on down here to see if she could come back to work again but she can’t come for 2 weeks on account of incubator set at Sells so Sophie said she would stay until about May 15th to 18th so Maggie went back and in late p.m. Rena, Lemoyne, Clarence, Yvonne and Charlotte came and after supper Sophie left here for aye and evermore and I am all upset because I can’t see how we can get along without help. Paul Meyers came in wagon and got tools to finish Oscar Ross jobs.