in Misc. Diary Entry

April 29, 1934

1934 April 29th

Bright, warm, nice day. After choring Will went to Allens but nothing doing on Pasture Bill so got in cattle, he went on Tennessee to Store and with Fritz Van Epps on to Pat Karnes and Allen’s and when he got back, Henry Arcorn and wife (Carrie Landeaux) and son Henry Jr. spent p.m., also Dick Chauncey and Mose Boyd and Ben Clausen and Narvin Boyd. Ben came in forenoon and brought us 16 club fish for dinner and he rode back home with Dick & Mose as Narvin came horse-back and brought Brownie back from Noble Moore’s. Will cut open the fistula on Mike’s shoulder or neck this p.m., that is, after he put an egg in milk-bottle and took it out for magic work. Henry and family went back home to Rosebud after supper. Mr. W.O. Roberts and wife, small son and sister-in-law stopped at gate and inquired way to John Boyd’s and were directed by Ben Clausen. Sophie got meals and I just visited and played puzzles. Sophie was sick with a cold so not much eats.