in Misc. Diary Entry

April 28, 1934

1934 April 28th Saturday

Bright, chilly in a.m. but p.m. was quite warm. After choring, Will, Paul and Elmer finished the tank on Moore Creek by putting cement around bottomless tank, they took lunch, back early eve so Elmer gave stock hay and Will went to get cattle in field as they were out-side towards the store. Sophie got meals and mopped floors and ironed some clothes. I sewed on her dress, slept in p.m., fixed men’s lunch before breakfast this morning, then mended Elmer’s overalls. Bud Whiting came in eve for Tin Cups for dance and we had only 9 of them. Ed Rezac and Mr. Wooster came after supper and said that with Noble Moore’s help they put Rezac cattle in our pasture, then went home. Charles McCormick, Mose Boyd and Dick Chauncey came after Elmer and took him to the dance at Hidden Timber Hall for the church.