in Misc. Diary Entry

April 26, 1934

1934 April 26th Thursday

Bright, chilly. I got breakfast and Paul set table for Will still had Pleurisy pains in his chest but put hot water bottle on it and better in p.m. after he slept so chored in eve. I baked dough-nuts and Rena put sugar in a paper sack and shook them in it until they were covered and slept in p.m. and visited with Ralph Armbruster, who came to see if Will wanted any listing done also Abe Turgeon and Fr. Stakemier who stopped for a visit. Rena, Lemoyne and Yvonne brought Sophie back as Lemoyne went home yesterday morning and Sophie staid there last night so back for dinner cooking to-day. I with Elmer’s and Paul’s and Will’s help fixed a lunch and Elmer and Paul took a load of sand to the well on Moore Creek and fixed a form for cement by digging a hole in the ground and this to be a foundation for bottomless tank and Elmer came back at noon and fed the team and got another load of sand and took it out to the well. Lemoyne, Sophie, Yvonne and Rena also took a nap after dinner, then after Rena wiped a few dishes they went home. Ben Clausen came this a.m. and got our disc to disc some corn ground. Henry Smith and son Floyd came this morning to see if Will can take 10 head cattle in the pasture.