in Misc. Diary Entry

April 25, 1934

1934 April 25th Wednesday

Bright in a.m. but a south-west wind blew up a few clouds and a sprinkle of rain but no more and remained cloudy. I made a nail apron for Paul Meyers out of an old overall and fixed dinner, churned butter and slept in p.m. then washed Separator and got supper. Will had Pleurisy Pains in left chest but managed to wash dishes and set table and Paul wiped them in eve as he worked at porch all day. Elmer gave stock hay and went towards Fitch’s to look for our log-chain and he found it and in p.m. he went to Tracy Snyder’s to drive his cattle out of the pasture we now have leased but no success for Snyder put dogs on the cattle and drove them back and Elmer got so late so he came home. Will chored a little and visited with John Wisenberger, Ralza Armfield, Bristow, Nebraska, Noble Moore, Mr. & Mrs. Ray Bailey. Mrs. Pete Engelgaw and son and daughter and Ed Rezac came to see about pasturing cattle.