in Misc. Diary Entry

April 24, 1934

1934 April 24th Tuesday

Bright, nice day, and just enough breeze to dry the clothes nicely for Sophie washed them to-day also got meals and mopped kitchen. I cut or rather finished cutting Sophie’s every-day dress and sewed on it a little and put her hair up on curlers in eve and slept in p.m. but had a hard time to get to sleep for Paul Meyers was putting the floors on porch at our south door, he nailed until he used all the nails, then he quit and shaved and read magazines in eve. Elmer gave the stock hay and his car on the bum so Will rode with him to Ben Fitch’s and Elmer helped move the granary that Ed got from Will and Will got from Harvey H. Hawkins and Hawkins from Fitch, and Elmer, Loren Walton, Ed and Lemoyne Whiting moved the granary to Ed’s and Will came back in Ed’s car and went to Winner and on to see G.W. Cahill 8 miles east of Winner about pasturing cattle and brought hardware and cement for paid Meyers to work with. Paul worked at fixing over the back porch. Lemoyne came in eve with Elmer and staid all night.