in Misc. Diary Entry

April 23, 1934

1934 April 23rd Monday

A strong N.W. wind and real dusty in a.m. and p.m. was not quite so dusty and wind went down late p.m. Elmer and will went to Snyder Pasture and fixed fence and had dinner at Harry and Louise’s and Dorthy Mae is on the gain from her burns, and they came back late eve, ate supper and then chored. I started to cut Sophie an every-day dress but Rena, Lemoyne, Charlotte and Yvonne came so I worked Jig-Saw Puzzle, had a sick-headache in eve and it was a sick-one. I got dizzy and faint and sweat so had to go to bed right after supper. Paul started to fix chimney and it was too windy so he started to fix back-porch, tore it down and started it by building over. Sophie got meals and all the necessary work and baked bread. A Mr. G.W. Cahill of Colome as address and 8 miles east of Winner with 2 other men stopped here to see if Will would take 50 head cattle to pasture, also a Mr. Metrick of near Ben McKathnies, S.W. Winner is bringing some as he was here yesterday a.m. as we were going to church so no stay long but got the address of brand recorder at Pierre, So. Dak. and went back. Moses Eagle Feather, Moses Blue Horse and another Indian boy staid all night, went home to Parmelee to-day.