in Misc. Diary Entry

April 17, 1934

1943 April 17th Tuesday

Cool morning, bright, nice, and breeze from S.W. enough to dry clothes for Sophie washed to-day and got meals. I sewed on my shirt-waist dress, slept in p.m., read the mail and visited with Mrs. John Boyd (Lavira) and after supper we all looked at Indian treaty-book and Noble & Narvin, Mose and Mrs. Boyd went home at 10 p.m. Mrs. & Mose to Rosebud & St. Francis and Noble and Narvin staid here to help, vaccinated, brand and castrate calves. Will and Noble fixed fence in p.m. west of house and Elmer and Narvin drove cattle out north and Elmer gave stock hay in a.m.

  1. Rather startled to see reference to my grandmother and uncles (Mrs John Boyd, Mose and Narvin).
    Born in ’45, many of the names of her friends and neighbors are familiar to the ear, “Ed” Whiting, Bill DeCory, Tom Colombe & Louise to name a few. There is only one Boyd aunt left of that era, Effie, residing near SFM, or what used to be, (went to school there, as well).
    Thank you.

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