in Misc. Diary Entry

April 16, 1934

1934 April 16th Monday

Bright, warm after a cool morning. I finished the diary and financial account, then picked out things from catalogue also Sophie packed her things and late p.m. I started to sew my shirt-waist dress and Sophie and I played Rummy in p.m., she got meals and all the work and I played solitaire early eve, and after supper, Will, Sophie, Elmer and I tried string tying and string puzzles. Narvin & Noble came and Elmer and they cut calves out and put load of hay on rack and it was a double load, then Elmer chored and Noble and Narvin got Narvin’s car started and they all went toward Harry’s & Louise’s and met Will so Elmer came back with him. Will went to Rosebud and broke Elmer’s car (a rod), had O.A. Ellis of Wood pull him to Mission where he got it fixed, came to Harry’s with the stuff he got for Dorthy Mae’s Burns and home. Orville Hepburn here to-day to see Will.