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April 13, 1934

Note from Lisa: Some of you may be interested in the poetry project I am doing on my own blog at There is a kind of poetry called “found poetry” that uses text from existing sources (historical sources, billboards, novels–anything, really) to form new poems. In the month of April, I am using Hattie’s diaries to share “found poems” from her entries (you can see a list of all poems published thus far here).

1934 April 13th Friday

Bright, nice day. Will has a head-ache and had to lay down after he chored and he and I went to Valentine in p.m. in Elmer’s car, and as we got ready, he cut his finger badly trying to crank the car, so Dr. Wise gave him some ointment to put on it, and we got home O.K. as I took an Osteopath treatment. Elmer got 2 loads hay in hills for stock. Sophie did all the housework. Morris Howard and Lew O’Connell of Wood came for lease money but it will be sent to Rosebud soon.