in Misc. Diary Entry

April 12, 1934

1934 April 12th Thursday

A nice day as wind quit in night. Will & Noble Moore on collecting trip $15.00 from Loren Walton on Thelma Garcia Lease and got $5.00 from Claude Allen on Pasture bill in p.m. Noble & Elmer drove a broncho as Elmer got a load hay in hills for stock in a.m. Harvey Hawkins came and he and Will went to Ed’s, got Paul Meyers and they looked at granary at Ben Fitch’s that Hawkins owned and Hawkins bought 2 horses and took them home and Ed will buy the granary. Lemoyne came in eve and took Paul home. Will had a head-ache to-day but managed to chore and go on car-drives. Sophie got meals and all the other necessary work. I finished my black dress, baked a cake and slept in p.m., played solitaire and peeled potatoes at noon for Sophie mopped kitchen and dinner was late as our clock was slow–nearly 40 minutes. Jake & Leo Whiting’s Birthdays.