in Misc. Diary Entry

April 8, 1934

1934 April 8th Sunday

Bright, real warm to-day, the warmest so far this spring, a south-west breeze. Elmer went home last eve after supper and to party at McCormick’s and back here towards morning. This a.m. after he and Will chored, he rode a saddle-horse that Will got from Pine-Ridge that is half-broke and in p.m. he went to store in his pick-up. Harry, Louise, Harley, Dorothy Mae and Fred came to spend the day and get an engine. Fred came out in William Whiting’s car. They brought us 2 qts. of grape juice, and Will traded one of our sows for one. Harry will butcher soon, and he is to keep the one he gets from us to raise pigs. Wm Pierce spent the day. I put dope in my hair, and my ankle and foot pained so I put in hot water and rested so pain left and I played solitaire in eve and Sophie and I never ate any supper but Will and Elmer ate some chicken, bread and jell. Sophie has a tooth-ache but managed to get the meals and bake lemon-pies for dinner. I cleaned 2 hens and she cooked them for dinner. Elmer got them in coop.