in Misc. Diary Entry

April 6, 1934

1934 April 6th Friday

Bright, nice day. I went to kitchen and baked cherry-pies also made cherry-jell, slept in p.m. then put dope in my hair to make it nice. Sophie got meals, swept up-stairs also down-stairs and had a headache and slept awhile in p.m. Elmer gave the stock hay and in p.m. he and Will went to Hay in hills, the store for mail and on to O’Kreek where Will saw Mrs. Hawkins and Emmet Gary about horses, on to Wm Chauncey’s where they got some winter-onions. Will went to Loren Walton’s, Swan Nelson’s and Harry Furrey’s where Joe Clifford took Thelma, Florence & Therese May to see if some one would lease Thelma’s so Walton did. He to move fence on west line, level land and pay $15.00 next week to W. J. Whitcher and he to send Thelma $10.00 for she got $5.00 from us to-day. They left for home this p.m.