in Misc. Diary Entry

March 31, 1934

1934 March 31 Saturday

Sun shone, then clouded for an hour or so, sprinkled rain then bright rest of day. I went to Kitchen and made Plum Jell and pies out of the fruit and in p.m. slept and then tried to fix myself a new [hat] for Noble Moore brought my new gray hat and it is too small so I am using lining and trimming and making a black hat, then sewed a little on Sophie’s blue every-day that I cut out Tuesday and had an attack of nervous head-ache in eve. After I felt better, so Sophie and I played rummy a long time and Will and Elmer took Will’s Saddle apart for they broke the horn getting bronchos in barn this day. Elmer gave stock enough hay to last until Monday this a.m. then he helped with the bronchos also Noble helped as he went to store in wagon and brought us some coal-oil and staid to-day so the men put 4 bronchos of the Pine-Ridge bunch in the barn to break. Sophie got meals, swept floors and baked bread but it was slow raising. Will is glad to spend a day at home and I hope he can stay here the rest of this unsettled weather, for gets cold at times.