in cooking

March 24, 1934

1934 March 24 Saturday

Cold in night, bright, cold and ground is nearly covered with snow. Will and Joe Clifford came in last night from Rocky Ford, Washington Co., S. Dak. at 10:30 p.m. Fritz did most of the work and fed the stock, for Will and Joe Clifford went to O’Kreek and got Emmet Gary, and I went with them to Valentine and Gary was pleased with a team of H. E. Schosser’s horses and I took an Osteopath treatment from Dr. Estelle A. Wise and we went after dinner, so home late eve. After a bite, Will, Fritz, and Joe took Gary to O’Kreek. Sophie did all the work and had to gather plaster for some came down in front room and nearly fell on Gary & Will. Sophie also made lemon-pies and they never set so had to eat with spoon. Fritz went to store in p.m.