in Misc. Diary Entry

March 21, 1934: Will to deal car for some horses

1934 March 21 Wednesday

Snowed in night and morning, then clear and snowed again about 3 p.m.and continued rest of day, a S.E. breeze. I helped Will get started for Pine Ridge as he got in from Winner at 10 p.m. last night. Ben came, and he and Fritz went to store when Will left and then they had to come back and get saddle horses and get a heifer on her feet that was down along the river bank. Will brought Fritz back and Ben rode saddle horses and led one in, and Fritz came for him so they then went to Chauncey’s to tell Elmer no go to Pine Ridge to drive horses back, as Will gets a truck to haul them, then they went to Noble Moore’s to tell him that Will is interested in the wire he has, on to John Sundquist’s, where Ben got barley to sow this spring, home to dinner and Ben took a saddle horse home so he could get cattle out of his fodder. Fritz gave stock hay from big-stack in p.m. and clothes to dry but brought in froze in eve, also mopped kitchen. I slept in p.m. and in a.m. cleaned fish-bowl, helped with a little at dinner and made jell in eve. B J. Wagner came and wanted to see if Will would take him and Mrs. to Winner but Will is ready to leave for Pine Ridge to deal his car to Joe L. Clifford, Rocky Ford, Washington Co. for some horses.