in Misc. Diary Entry

March 20, 1934: I wrote in diary as usual

1934 March 20 Tuesday

Bright, nice until in p.m. it clouded a little and sprinkles of rain, so Sophie dried only a few clothes as she washed to-day, also got meals and baked bread and swept floors and made beds. I wrote in diary as usual each day, cut out bloomers for myself and started to sew them, also slept in p.m. and played solitaire in eve. Will went to Winner to get the bumper put back on car and not home at bed-time. Ben Clausen came this a.m., brought back the lard press and also the hog’s head and feet and some other meat and stomach, so we cooked the head & feet and filled in stomach. Fritz got a load of hay in hills for the stock and another there and put in barn in p.m., also chored. Noble Moore stopped in eve to see Will.