in Misc. Diary Entry

March 19, 1934

1934 March 19 Monday

A little cloudy in morning, bright , nice day and in fact out of N.W. breeze was warm. Fritz chored and Will went to O’Kreek to see if E. Gary wanted to go to Valentine to buy a team of horses but he is working on road so no go until Saturday, so Will came back and Sophie, he and I went to Valentine and I took an Osteopathic treatment from Dr. Estelle A. Wise and it is helping me considerably. On our return we drove to Ed’s to get some of Sophie’s clothes and on our return home I could scarcely move my knee so ate supper and went to bed. Fritz fed the calves hay from the big stack, started to get horses in from Hidden Timber Pasture but no Gary on Will’s return, so he let them go and in p.m. he got a load of hay in the hills and gave to stock and we got back in time for Will to help him chore. Sophie got meals for we left after dinner.