in Misc. Diary Entry

March 16, 1934

1934 March 16 Friday

Bright, a south breeze changed to N.W. and a real dust storm late p.m., got cloudy and some snow before bedtime and was cold. I went to the kitchen in the a.m. and baked apple pies, angel food, iced cake, and made fudge in the evening. Sophie got the meals, mopped the front room and did all the other necessary work, also made bread.

Henry Arcoren came this a.m. and stayed for the night. Ben Clausen came from the store in his wagon, got some cake for cattle, lard press and his casing, and plans on butchering soon. Ed Rezac and another stopped to see if they could get their cattle in for winter-feed now. Elmer Chauncey came to see if Will had a man yet. Fritz got 2 loads of hay in the hills and gave one to the stock and left one on the rack. Will chored, went to Elshires, and visited with Ben and Henry Arcoren until chore time, then fed cattle cake, etc.