in Misc. Diary Entry

March 11, 1934

1934 March 11 Sunday

Bright, nice day. Fritz chored and went to Lattimores and back again at 4 p.m. Elmer Chauncey came this a.m. and staid a long time, he wants to see Will about a job this summer. Jake Wisenberger Jr. came to see if he could get his horse but Will not home so went back home. After choring, Fritz went back to Lattimores for supper and the rest of the evening so Sophie and I had dinner and supper alone and staid up late thinking perhaps Will would come back from Pine Ridge but no come. Sophie and I visited and she got our eats and the necessary work and it was a beautiful evening so we could hear Thomas play his saxophone when outside or when I went to the door. I played solitaire and slept in p.m. and in eve Sophie read the Sunday Paper that Fritz got and I played solitaire  and we told spookie things while she was washing dishes that we staid side-by-each until bed-time and renewed Lindbergh kidnapping. We never went to 8:30 a.m. mass.