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March 8, 1934: Cold but bright but chilly

1934 March 8 Thursday

Cold but bright but chilly all day. I went to kitchen after breakfast and tried to make cheese but it wouldn’t get thick and I also made butter, played solitaire and rested in p.m. Sophie got meals, dried clothes that she washed Tuesday and put away on account of the weather, also baked bread and all the other necessary work. Fritz got a load of hay in hills and gave to stock and in p.m. he went to see if cattle were in field and Noble Moore went along as he came to see Will and staid for dinner. Will left this morning for Pine Ridge to see if he could get 3 or 4 teams of horses and won’t be back for a few days, so Fritz, Sophie and I alone. Ben Clausen came to see if he could get Tennessee to-morrow and he also caught a mink so went back home to skin it. Tom Sazama came to get the Petition that Will had to get signers for School Board Member. Ralph Armbruster got some rods at junk-pile to make clamps for truck-box.