in Misc. Diary Entry

March 6, 1934

1934 March 6 Tuesday

Cloudy and some snow but sun shone again late p.m. Sophie got meals and washed the clothes and put colored ones out to dry and brought in before bed-time also the work of washing dishes, making beds and sweeping floors. I helped a little at dinner time by peeling potatoes and warming pork chops, and with Sophie’s help we made fudge in eve as it is Fritz’s 22nd Birthday and he has a cold but managed to feed the stock hay and alfalfa from here at home. I played solitaire, also Fritz did in the eve and Will wanted to bet us but we wouldn’t. Will went to Claude Allens and he no home so told Tom’s to get 100 bu. corn at Len Risseenew, 4 mi. S.W. Lakeview and in p.m. he cut and put wood on porch. Ben walked home as he staid all night.