in Misc. Diary Entry

March 1, 1934

1934 March 1 Thursday

Partly cloudy and a sprinkle of rain around noon then clear and sunset bright. I sat in the kitchen and Sophie Bordeaux whom Will got at Ed’s did the work, she got meals, all the other work and baked bread and we visited oh! so much as we know all the reservation. I slept in p.m. and felt bum. Fritz hauled a load of hay in a.m., fed to stock and p.m. he got a load of wood at Moore Creek. Will went to Henry Sells, got the 27th Norfolk News, onto Rosebud where he got list of Guy Lambert family names and saw lease clerk and he got range unit number 42, onto Valentine, Nebraska, got groceries and made arrangements with Nebraska State Bank to pay part leases and home in time for supper. After supper Will, Sophia and I played rummy. A wagon came to barn north of gate, don’t know who it was.