in Misc. Diary Entry

February 23, 1934: He rode a slow horse

1934, February 23, Friday

Was zero in night, cloudy in p.m., was 24 above and sun shone a little. Noble Moore walked over and Will took him to the store, then back to Elshire gate. Wm Whiting came horse-back and staid all night for he rode a slow horse of Boyd’s. Maggie, Wm and I played Rummy in p.m. and again after supper, then Fritz and Wm played Maggie and I pitch. We won one game, they 2. Will’s cold is better but when I am not amusing myself with cards, I have to doctor for sore throat and lungs. I have had a time to swallow my saliva all week for tonsils must be infected. Maggie got meals and made good biscuits. Fritz got 2 loads of hay in hills and fed the stock. Will cut some wood and helped chore and care for chickens.