in Misc. Diary Entry

February 22, 1934: Ice-box cookies, head-cheese and bread

1934, February 22, Thursday

Washington’s Birthday. This is a cold [day], little cloudy, temperature never got more than 20 yesterday above and the same to-day. Ben came and he and Will finished cutting Posts out of the poles. Fritz made a feed-trough to give calves in barn cake, and in p.m. he went to the hills and got a load of hay for the stock. We lunched after they finished on the ice-box cookies Maggie baked this a.m. and head-cheese and bread. Maggie got meals, all the necessary work and cut and started to sew her-self a dress. I am still all in with a cold in lungs and sore throat so read, played solitaire and slept in p.m. We played rummy in eve. John Wisenberger here to see if he could get a Gobbler.