in Misc. Diary Entry

February 19, 1934

1934, February 19, Monday

Very cold in night, 2 above at daylight, a S.E. wind, bright and got to 42 above afternoon. I have a cold on lungs and in throat so not much done and slept in p.m. Will laid down after choring and hung part sausage out to smoke as he had a head-ache and slept again in p.m., then he shaved, helped chore, went to Tom’s and he and Tom went to Mission. Fritz hauled 1 load of hay from hills to cattle and cleaned barn in p.m. on account of strong S.E. wind and took Ben’s wagon home. I played solitaire and Maggie and I rummy after supper. Maggie got meals and baked bread and all the necessary work. Bud Whiting brought the mail.