in Misc. Diary Entry

February 18, 1934

1934, February 18, Sunday

Was a real cold night and 6 above at 9 a.m. Bright but never got more than 20 above. Maggie got meals, all the necessary work and rode Tennessee to visit Jake Gehlsen in p.m. at George Smith place and built a fire place of sod by the soddy and got warm. Jake was here in a.m. Will did the chores and made Kicky let her calf suck, and he and I played pitch in p.m. I filled headcheese in stomach and we cooked it, played solitaire and made fudge in p.m. and Nettie May Lattimore and Dorthy Elshire came a foot for Nettie rode Fritz’s horse from there and it got away so she and Dorthy walked up here looking for it. Nettie lost her heel and Dorthy got something in her eye so Will tried to get it out, then she washed it in borax water. Will crossed them over the river on Old Duke and they went to Lattimores. Fritz came back in eve so we played rummy and Maggie and I played them 3 games of pitch, they won 2 and we won 1 game.