in Misc. Diary Entry

February 17, 1934

1934, February 17, Saturday

A strong N.W. wind and real dust-storm and cloudy and cold towards eve. I cut the head and Maggie helped clean the feet and we cooked all together for a filling for the stomach. Maggie got meals, cleaned the front-room and out room, helped grind sausage, render lard and fill casings. Will helped chore, fill casings, went to Store. Wick Tottons and Claude Allens gave W.L. Tryon 2 Red Cross Comforters and Ralph Armbruster came evening of Feb. 8th and got 2 for L. R. Armbruster, his father. Ben Clausen came from store, got Tennessee and went with Mr. Hammond to Joe Hoon’s and they got their cattle. Ben brought a red 2 yr. old heifer and when he got it home and had dinner, he brought the saddle horse home and took some sausage back. Fritz gave the cattle a load of hay from the hills, after dinner he got in a new-born calf and mother in barn, had to use the wagon to get calf, then saddle horse to get mother, then he gave the calves some alfalfa. Dan Wagner came in eve looking for his cattle, 48 head in all.