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February 11, 1934: Open car

1934, February 11, Sunday

Bright, beautiful until about 11 a.m. a west wind then changed to North, but was just a breeze and not cold for Harry, Louise, Fred, Harley and Dorthy Mae came in open car for a short visit and 4 turkey hens and Fred had his gun so shot a pigeon. I played solitaire, said my prayers, for mass was at 8:30 a.m. and I no go on account of my bum leg but I hope to walk soon so I can get there. Maggie made pumpkin-pie and got the meals and necessary work and she walked to where Jake was heading Assman cattle on Phillip Moore land and he brought her back horse-back in eve, just at dark. Will did the chores for Fritz is at Lattimores. Ben Clausen has a cold but came over and the men viewed hay-stack & Maggie took picture.


  1. Did you perhaps misread “herding Assman cattle” as “heading Assman cattle?” I realize this is quite nitpicky.

  2. I am sure “herding” is correct. The open car was a Model T Ford.

    Fred was Aunt Nellie’s youngest son who stayed with the folks from then until he went to high school. His gun was a single shot 410 that he got for Christmas.

  3. Thanks, Dad, for the extra information.

    Robert, I did look again and it is definitely heading. I misread your comment at first and thought it was the other way around (in case you saw the unedited comment I first made here). 🙂

  4. Another comment, I believe we have the picture that was taken at the haystack that day. I must see if I can find it.

  5. Ok. My only interest was the accuracy of the record. I suppose some would wonder exactly what he was doing. I do not wonder.

    I was about to ask who Fred was. I sure recognize the rest of those names.

    Not that it is at all important, but I used to shoot a single-shot .410. Even used it to use it to thin the sharp-tail grouse population on the H-T.

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