in Misc. Diary Entry

February 9, 1934: Rosebud Restaurant destroyed by fire

1934, February 9, Friday

Hazy Horizon in morning and also in eve and was beginning to cloud in eve, sun shone in day, a S.E. wind and 34 above. Will chored and Ben Clausen came and they went to John Wisenberger where Ben got his signature to Corn-Hog receipts, on to Tracy Snyders where he went with them to Rosebud and Will put in bid on Range No. 42 and some of Snyder’s pasture was listed in it. They had dinner at Tedell Prue’s, where Mrs. Weston stays with her daughter Nettie (Mrs. Prue). They serve meals, for Rosebud Restaurant destroyed by fire awhile ago. They came to Mission, where Ben applied for relief and Vera Snyder also rode to Mission but she staid with her brother Evard as he is in High School and they to go to a dance to-nite. They came back via store and got the mail. Maggie got meals, all the necessary work and visited with Jake Gehlsen in a.m. as he is heading Assman Cattle on Phillip Moore Land, she also ironed the clothes abd sewed on another dress of Delores Sell’s. She and I played rummy after supper. I sewed at rug, slept in p.m. and mended Will’s pants, played solitaire and read mail.