in Misc. Diary Entry

February 7, 1934: All those hog-corn papers

1934, February 7, Wednesday

Was real frosty at day-light and then a fog until middle a.m., sun shone and was bright and cold all rest of day, never got above freezing. I started to write my daily diary, when Ben Clausen came, so he and I went over all those hog-corn papers again and we finished in p.m., so then Ben fixed a mink and 2 skunk hides and took them to store to mail. Maggie got meals, all the other necessary work and washed the clothes and they dried so she brought them in in eve. She and I visited with Josephine and Rita Armbruster as they came horseback in p.m. and staid awhile. Fritz hauled 2 loads of hay for the stock from the hills and did all the chores, for Will got up at 5 a.m. and drank a cup a coffee and went to Winner to get the body of his car fixed and went on to Gregory, where he got Elmer Hansen’s signature witnessed by his father, H. C. Hansen, for Ben Clausen hogs purchased in Aug. 1933, and he came back before we went to bed. Fritz went to a birth-day party on Mrs. Jerome Jamison and took Lattimore young folks. Lew McKee stopped to see Will, he came horse-back, so never stopped very long.