in Misc. Diary Entry

February 5, 1934: Will sold Snip and Lasses

1934, February 5, Monday

Cold night, bright and cool day for temp never got above 33 all day. I wrote in morning and sewed on stocking rug and p.m. just a little sewing for my head and eyes bothered, so I played solitaire and towards eve tried to read but no success. After supper Fritz, Maggie and I played rummy and casino. Maggie did all the necessary work, got meals and started to make Delores Sell a dress. Fritz hauled 2 loads of hay and fed to the stock and chored and got the hogs at Ben’s corn-fodder. Tom Whiting came in morning and loading Snip (The Mule) and Lasses (The Black Work Horse), he got stuck in the creek so had to unload and reload again, so late when Will and Ben Clausen go started to Winner. They picked up Ralph Armbruster at the Hidden Timber Shop, and Tom took in Howard Drueker and Bryan Thiles, and Bryan got a truck to bring him and his calve he bought at Sales Pavilion, so Ralph rode back with Tom & Drueker, and Will and Ben home late as we were in bed. Ben got money at Farmers State Bank, and Will sold Snip and Lasses. Seth Whiting took their horses home from Moore Creek and stopped to help the men load the horses in Tom’s Truck. Wm Pierce went to store horse-back as he let his truck go back to dealers and stopped to see if Whitcher was home.