in Misc. Diary Entry

February 4, 1934

1934, February 4, Sunday

A south wind, some clouds and temperature rose [to] 48 above and clouds passed in a.m. and sun shone bright in p.m., the wind started in S.E. at early morn, changed to S.W. and before bed-time was in N.W. and was cool indoors to-day. I read prayers, wrote in diary, played cards with Maggie, Will, or else solitaire. Will got a chicken and Maggie roasted it and fixed scalloped potatoes, the dressing and gravy, cookies, cherry sauce bread, jell, drinks and sliced onions. Maggie did all the necessary work in a.m. and when not playing cards in p.m., she wrote letters. Will chored both morning and evening, although Fritz fed horses in morning and he then went to Jamison’s and Lattimores and back before bed-time. Noble Moore went by horseback to the store but no come back this way.