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February 2, 1934: Boxelder bugs

1934, February 2, Friday

A nice night, bright and nice day and was warm as usual. I would sweat sewing the stocking rug at sewing machine so had to open out-side door and there was very little fire. The box elder bugs are still moving around also some bugs out-side and there were big flies in house in January. Fritz, Maggie and I played rummy after supper and I sewed on rug all day so played very little solitaire. Maggie did all the necessary work, got meals and ironed clothes and she baked bread yesterday. Fritz got 2 loads hay in hills and Will helped put them in the barn. Will has a cold in head, throat and lungs but smoked meat and fixed fence east of house on yard to keep out the hogs from rooting the yard. Iner Sorensen came driving a mule and horse on a wagon and got our incubator to set soon.

Box elder bug boulder

Photo by Sunil060902CC-BY-SA-3.0 via Wikimedia Commons