in Misc. Diary Entry

January 31, 1934

1934, January 31, Wednesday

Northwest wind strong and real dusty and temperature rose to 48 above. I staid in front-room and played solitaire and started to make a run out of old stockings. Maggie got meals, all the other necessary work and cleaned pantry. Fritz and Will cleaned the barn, put some manure around the coop and house and on hog-shed in old garden and in p.m. Fritz hauled the load of wood from pole-pile and old board and posts and Will fixed hen-house windows and there are 2 more to finish, and he emptied the indoor-toilet and vomited, but his cold is better. After supper we played rummy and I felt so bum, both mentally and my foot or rather ankle was swollen. Ben came with a mink but wouldn’t stay for dinner for he wanted to skin it.