in Misc. Diary Entry

January 30, 1934: There will be a dam at Hidden Timber now

1934, January 30, Tuesday

Bright, moonlight night and sun shone brightly and was 22 above at sun-rise and rose to 58 after dinner. I read and played solitaire and darned a pair socks for Will and 1 pair stocking for myself and rested in p.m., and after supper Will, Maggie and I played rummy and Fritz read a magazine, then Will and Fritz played Maggie and I, and we won, and we went to bed at 10:20 p.m. Maggie got meals, Rita helped her with dishes after breakfast and dinner and then they visited with Mrs. Alma Sorensen while I rested, then Will took girls to store where Mike was to go home with Ralph and got mail, and Sadie said that there will be a dam at Hidden Timber now. Mr. Lewis Lattimore walked over this a.m. and staid for dinner. He came for Marion Lockwood’s address of Pender, Nebr. Fritz gave stock a load of hay in a.m. and they put one he got in p.m. in the barn. Will chored and put a load of manure on wagon and Fritz unloaded. Will’s cold better.